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If you can imagine a live or online experience, Panda Rose can bring it to life. Our CTO in a Box service provides the technical knowledge companies need to execute amazing interactive experiences and streamline their professional needs for today and tomorrow to increase their ROI. We are your dedicated CTO.

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What our partners have been saying:

Always reliable

"I have had the pleasure of working with PandaRose for several years now. Our project activations happen when the client needs them. The point of difference that has always impressed me with PandaRose is their commitment to working with me on my crazy schedule. From updates to regular support they stand by their product when I need them, not just from 9 to 5. This attention to detail and willingness to work with me has always set them apart in my mind."

Up to Date
and Extensive Knowledge

“We have been working with the team at Panda Rose for 3 years and are very pleased with our working relationship. Panda Rose leads the technical development of our iOS application and provided ongoing support. We appreciate the up to date, extensive technical knowledge and creative thinking. It’s a pleasure to work and collaborate with Panda Rose."

Creative Intelligence You
Can Count On

"Panda Rose took an idea barely scribbled on a napkin and turned it into a technological treat containing more delicious ingredients than I ever imagined. Their thorough construction process and attention to detail drew intangible concepts out of me and turned them into marvels of software that even make me look brilliant. This exceptional team is the answer to any IT situation. They embrace the customer, team up with it, and protect what evolves into an intimate and trusting relationship. They know their stuff — count on it."

Increased our ROI

"I've been working with Panda Rose since 2010. In that time, Panda Rose's innovative solutions have solved a number of our issues and increased our ROI. We highly recommend their services."

Safe and Secure

"Our company has been working with Panda Rose to improve our network security and I am very impressed with their work."

Service of the Highest Order

"We've been working with PandaRose for several years now.  As a start-up in the international world of educational multi-media, it is essential to have a technical partner that is responsive and cost-conscious while providing service of the highest order, and I am delighted that PandaRose succeeds magnificently on all three counts.  We have recently added Harvard, Princeton, and the London School of Economics to our institutional subscribers, and we simply couldn't have succeeded without PandaRose.  We look forward to working closely with them far into the future."

    Selected Case Studies

    Student Portal, Integrated E-commerce Solution

    AIM is an award-winning, educational publisher with an innovative methodology for teaching and learning world languages. Panda Rose developed the corporate site for AIM as well as the online student portal – an interactive eLearning platform in which instructors upload and assign content while monitoring students’ participation and progress. Integrated video players, intuitive lesson uploading, and sensible class management are a few of the ways Panda Rose incorporated content to bring AIM’s vision to life. Countries around the world have adopted the online student portal and optimized for use in the classroom via iPad, mobile and desktop.

    Interactive Marketing Experience

    Travelling all around Canada, this interactive exhibition allowed users to step into the green-screened role of Sportsnet Broadcaster Evanka Osmak’s co-host to call a play-by-play for their favourite Canadian hockey team. Green screen technology, a teleprompter, audio recording, an e-mail delivery system, and data collection and analysis, all with full training for a Canada-wide tour with setup and takedown made this a crowning achievement for Panda Rose and SDI Marketing.

    Instant Messenger App, Advertising Portal

    Panda Rose developed a mobile messaging app for Chatz on both iOS and Android. Chatz is unique from other messaging apps in that users register their vehicle’s license plate as their identifier. Our development team has made messaging sessions fully encrypted with the highest top-secret level encryption standards. We have ensured that only the users in the chat can see messages during a Chatz session and conversations are erased permanently after a session ends.

    Educational Resources

    Hudson’s Bay Company, one of Canada’s oldest and most well-known businesses, recognises the creative development solutions offered by Panda Rose. We redesigned HBC Heritage – an informative and interactive website designed to educate visitors about the rich history of Hudson’s Bay Company. We developed a user-friendly Learning Center, which features various educational resources including interactive galleries, virtual museums, maps, timelines, and other eLearning content. Using our proprietary content management system, we have made editing and revision tasks a breeze for HBC personnel.

    Interactive Photo Booth

    Developed for McDonald’s and Hometown Hockey, this installation gave users the experience of being a professional player with their printed hockey card to take home and share online with friends and family. Panda Rose created a touch-screen app for data collection and booth functionality.

    Resource Management System

    CASA is a treatment and research facility affiliated with Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta. Panda Rose built Caregiver Village – a web app which provides eLearning materials for parents with children suffering from various areas of concern such as depression, anxiety or trauma. We also built a mobile app allowing parents to explore resources from their smartphones. Through a sensible and easily navigable layout, visitors are welcomed with the option to filter content according to their child’s age and specific needs. CASA librarians have since been able to manage their institutional resources efficiently by uploading new videos, manuals and instructional documents directly to the web and mobile app.

    Interactive Marketing Experience

    Panda Rose built and fully developed an interactive marketing kiosk for President’s Choice Financial. Users register their information, receive a helmet-mounted GoPro, and proceed down a zip line recording their travel. Two big screens display selected videos for people outside the event. Videos from users are downloaded from the GoPro and uploaded to YouTube with a PCF watermark. Our software, hardware and on-site support solutions handled all the complexities of the event and automated the process allowing users to proceed through the experience as quickly as possible while providing a unique marketing experience for PCF.

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